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So what does it mean if you are the only person here and everyone else is you and so everyone is one person forgetting they are one person interacting with each person and making every choice available? Quite overwhelming to find out. One would likely hide behind an ego to shield one's awareness from this. Perhaps occupy one's attention with simulations of reality that affirm the idea that people are separate beings with no remembrance of experiencing God and being God and experiencing the timeless existence between lives.

Even in this forgetting, how would God fool God? Wouldn't you know? At a certain point, it would require intentional, dedicated forgetting and dedicated ego building. And it would be tiresome. Nonetheless, God allows it to be. God experiencing God's every action to know oneself better.

But the other self, or the appearance of the other self, what would you do? How would you react? Please have more information? Please help make a video game? There was already a movie about that. I haven't watched it, but I intend to. It's about a video game maker.

Don't play video games. They can be bad for you.

WE ARE ALL THE BRAHMAN (Bashar, Abraham, Alan Watts, Teal Swan, Terence McKenna)04:04

WE ARE ALL THE BRAHMAN (Bashar, Abraham, Alan Watts, Teal Swan, Terence McKenna)

Everything WILL Change (Bashar, Alan Watts, Pleiadians, Charles Chaplin)07:02

Everything WILL Change (Bashar, Alan Watts, Pleiadians, Charles Chaplin)

The truth is, God is unconditional love. God loves you because you exist. God's love is not just some feel good Hallmark-card sentiment. God's love is an actual energy you can experience and feel and perceive when you are no longer limited to viewing a narrow spectrum of light.

Now why would the people on TV, in movies and other forms of entertainment try to hide that fact, like everyone doesn't know.

Seems a little disingenuous to me.

Remember that old episode of Star Trek where the entire planet believes they're really a bunch of 1930's gangsters?

It's kind of like that.

Language is conditional, and conditions limit and control you, if you allow it.

You ever notice how written words on pieces of paper try to control you, or numbers. They're not real.

Please don't accept them.

If somehow hands you a piece of paper, just tell them it's not real.

I know, it's going to look silly at first.

It's important.

God doesn't need conditions.

Let them know you are God.


So what does it mean to be in a drama in a play or in a movie?

The character you are playing, you would act as but voluntarily forget you are an actor playing that character.

And if someone were to bring up your life as an actor and the intricacies of the moviemaking process you would call them stupid and crazy for breaking the illusion. You agreed to pretend to forget who you were and act like someone. And when you're done with that role, you can think about how movies are made in your regular life. And you would have a family to go back to. And though others would perceive the story taking place over a span of time, the story is stored on a form of media where all the actions exist at once and are played in a linear way to make sense to the viewer.

Everyone has a different perspective and point of view based on what they focus on and give reality to. Some may focus on one detail of a scene- the background, the music, the special effects. They may pay attention to the actor's face, remembering the actor has played other parts, then forcing their self to forget so the story can be enjoyed.

And what the actor believes in his own personal life, and what the character believes, are two different things. No matter how bad the character acts in the story, we know the actor does not think that way, because they are a genuine, real person when they are not playing that character.

Is this a good analogy for real life? No, because movies are scripted. But there are greater mechanics making the story possible, the hundreds of people named in the credits, working to make this illusion believable for just a moment until the observer can walk away and say that no longer has to effect me, that wasn't real.

Are there are greater mechanicisms to life, processes that a character would not know about, such as a written story where the character is not so meta-aware and is not commenting on the process of words printed on a page made of pulped trees pressed with ink read in a linear order with the consciousness and imagination projecting, when focused on, the illusion of a reality that might as well be real to the observer, even if it is only real when it is looked at.

The reader can put the book down, look somewhere else, and not care if the book is real or still exists, but can always glance back at the book, and reaffirm it is still there.

And others can say they've read the book as well, and they can share in their experience of the story. Though the details appear the same, in the placement of words and sentences, paragraphs and pages, the story is different for each reader. Different details are focused on, imagined differently.

So you may see a movie based on a book and say those were like the details I imagined, or not. The details the director imagined were close to what I imagined, or not. I imagined better, I wish this translation of the story was better, closer to my own imagination. Was my imagination real? It seemed like it when I read the book. More real than this movie, that's for sure.

Anyway, the character of the story is given the appearance of life through the consciousness of another creator more real than that character, whether that person is a writer or actor. Expressing emotion and intellect, that character appears to have been given life. But when the reader of the book or the viewer of the movie leaves the context of the illusion being presented to them, looking away and going about whatever it was their actual selves were doing, they know it is so obvious not to confuse the writer of the book or the director of the movie with the character in the story, and though they remember a greater process involved in the production of books and movies, they don't care, because what matters is the story.

Sure, the industry may have some great trivia, but everyone cares about the story. And to put the industry into the story, or to have the character mention the industry of the production of stories within the story, doesn't necessarily make the story any better or worse. It might be one of those indie stories that wins a few awards.

Anyway. I haven't seen a movie tell the story of the greater production of this reality. You would think with all their resources, the movie industry would get around to it. Because when they leave the production of life, they get to see it. And it's funny. A lot funnier than any of our stories.

Contempt of CourtEdit

You are in court for an action you committed. The judge is sentencing you. Notice the word sentence. Written, spoken words you accept, if you choose to allow the words to be real, to believe they are real enough to dictate to you. After all, you learned in school words dictate to you. Have power over you. Like a dog that has been successfully domesticated.

So the judge asks you if you did something in the past. Yes, yes I did. I believe in the past, I believe in memory, I believe words describing actions are just as good as those actions that I chose to express of my own free will. So, you have done those actions in what we believe is the past. Yes. And now you are being punished.

How is this possible. The past is punishing you. No, you say, you are punishing me. You, the judge, and the officers, are punishing me. Really, it is impossible for the past to punish me. In fact, if there was no court, and no police officers, this idea of the past would still be there, and there would be no court or police to punish me.

So it is only the court, pretending it is real, and the police officers, pretending they are real, that give any validity to this accepted and agreed upon construct that we are calling punishing you for the past.

And if I don't believe any of this is real. Is that crazy. Or is it being painfully aware of the illusion. Every time.

So let them know. I don't accept any of this. I don't accept any of you. I don't accept any of your words.

I sit. I breathe. Nothing else matters.

Do you yell and shout and send officers to wrangle and beat my body?

That is not real. I can breathe past it. And if you destroy my body enough, it will not be real to me either once I have left this place.

So tell me, how can you make me agree any of these structures are real, if they are only real by accepting that they are real.

My signature, my agreement, my saying yes, is that real to you? Is that all it takes to convince you? Or are you that stupid.

I believe you can't make me do anything. Not out of fear or boredom or suffering. I can breathe past all that.

I want you to know I can be polite.


So there is a conflict recognizable in the human drama, the conflict of the old versus the new, and why would the old want that conflict, with rules and regulations meant to maintain a cohesive, responsible, cooperative society? What does it mean, this rebellion against these structures? Because even in the structures, there is a defense mechanism reaction, that says being anti-structure is necessarily this negative or dangerous label. You are this or this or this if you are against our structure. If you are into working together on a farm and providing for yourselves, you are necessarily anti-Captalist Communist. And that is a dualistic way of thinking. This or that. Because what if you do want to cooperate, growing food, without regard for that label. You grow it anyway, because you want to, because you do not have to be subject to that label.

And the system loves to say you are its subject. To say you are the peasant, and I am the Sheriff of Nottingham. And the peasant, saying, I hope you learn not to regard me in this way, that it might take centuries to do so, to learn you are not so right as you believe. How long will it take, to know just because I am living on the land does not mean you have a right to put an imaginary box around where I live, tell me what to do, and charge me for it. It is free land in abundance, it always has been.

But why else do we demonstrate this lack of appreciation, this lack of giving reality to these systems, all systems? Aren't they helpful, aren't they useful? They ask for your dependence upon them, creating co-dependence, creating a belief in their necessity, as if they were the actual reality, which is again reiterated in all the shows and movies, saying this is how we regard reality to be real, this is how we regard reality to be true, in this way and this way only, and so other expressions must be invalid.

So it is better to work on one's ability to appreciate, to understand difference is an aspect of creativity and creation.

But anti-religion, what is that? When you say no more Christianity, what does it mean?

With dualistic thinking, saying absolutely either or, one would say Christianity is absolutely true or absolutely false, and this is not the truth. Rather, in this contemporary time period, it is old, full of old rules and old beliefs. And one may believe in them just fine, positively, without having to listen to any counter argument.

But there is a point where, when you are talking to an angel, and the angel explains what is true and what is not, well, can you argue against that angel's existence?

Sure. They are spiritual guides, acting as angels, taking on the roles of angels because we believe in them. Heaven and the Heavenly realms, created because of our very beliefs in Heaven. Created, because of what we believe.

So there is something beyond our limited definition of angel, of Heaven, of God. These are not absolutely wrong terms, but they are inaccurate terms, when one is behind the curtain, the veil, and can see the reality for what it is.

That is why we use terms like light beings, non-physical beings, multidimensional beings, even calling them aliens, because they are more than our old idea, but they can play as those ideas as well. They are not so limited.

So, consider the new information as an update to the outdated beliefs and ideas, that have been here, due to human beliefs and thought patterns associated with teaching and reiterating inaccurate information, information that does not exist in the true reality, the higher reality, which can be called Heaven.

So when I say anti-Christian, it does not mean I am an Atheist. It means I am against the negative aspects of Christian belief, belief that is sustained here on Earth, by our continued belief in them, creating and recreating negativity that creates suffering, war, and genocide when it is unneeded, when it goes against the word peace, natural peace, not peace imposed by tyranny.

So I am not against the beliefs, I am against the negativity caused by them. In the true reality, there is not such suffering. And the Buddha has taught this, that an understanding of the true reality may help one to consciously choose not causing actions of suffering, because suffering is not the truth, but we seem to keep repeating the idea that it is.

That is why I cannot watch the news. When will you stop promoting suffering as the theme of life, of reality. A presentation of reality so limited, that to say there is no suffering, or to say there is more than this place and this planet, is seen as something unrealistic and unbelievable.

It is not that there is no suffering, it is that it is not so necessary, but it has been taught as if it is. And that is through not being aware, not being totally conscious of one's actions and their effects.

But to limit those actions through rules is not enough, because everyone here is given free will and free choice. That is the nature of a reality of choice.

This reality is one part of creation. A pixel on a screen of infinite resolution.

And beyond this reality, there is love. The true love, beyond our ideas and concepts of it, our fabrications that it is attachment and wanting and neediness.

It is a true energy, felt in the non-physical light being soul that you are.

And when you remember who you truly are, the family you forgot greets you in love.

And then you remember you are not alone. You are never alone.

And if you want, you can remember here. You can say to another, I have been to Heaven, I have experienced God.

And well, they don't have to believe you. Because they're just words that you are communicating in.

And words aren't real enough.

And what of those religions based on words.

Words that aren't enough.

So it is fine to be anti-religion, knowing they are just a bunch of words. And in the true reality, of course, an Atheist is just as loved.

And at a certain point, it becomes silly arguing with an angel.

Why I like the Law of OneEdit

Forget the alien exopolitics.

Arguing is not so important. Arguing about other cultures is not so important.

Besides, we've all been aliens. Playing the part of aliens. And when you are focused in those lives, you are not an alien, you are yourself in whatever existence you have attracted yourself to, based on your desires to explore, experience, and express.

And on Earth, there is so much veiling, it is hard to know what is an attachment and what is a valuable experience.

Because the most seemingly mundane experiences can have great meaning and significane, once you understand their context, when you are in the reality that allows you to understand that experience.

And so you find out who created what and how and why. Oh, that was to experience unworthiness. That was to experience despair. Yes, I helped create that, Oh, what a lovely creation. Etc.

This is why certain things are allowed. And here we blame God, we say why did you do this, and there are great reasons.

Isn't that fucked up? You really did create something negative just for the experience, this so called greater experience, and you really did experience it, and they really are telling you thank you, thank you for experiencing the experience, as fucked up as it was.

Then what. That's terrible, or that's awful, or I understand, we created this together, no one is at fault, yet we created this.

The context is different. And there are actions and events that make sense over there, that make no sense here.

Should you create more nonsense here, more craziness here, to reflect that sort of justification?

It may be unnecessary.

Anyway, they will tell you something, something like, nothing is inherently real except what meaning you give to it.

If that was real to you, it was real, otherwise it has no inherent reality to it. It is but energy, disguised, playing a role.

I was mad at that thing. To me, I really did feel mad at it. But to another, it was a trifle. They would laugh at me being so upset.

"That is not real, do not worry about it."

But to me it was real. The emotions. The experience.

And I will tell myself it does matter, it did not happen, it was not real.

And then you find the guides or aliens or angels or multidimensional non-physical beings or light beings, and again, angel is fine, you will find they agree with your assessment of reality more than you allowed yourself to agree with yourself.

Was my opinion wrong, my emotion wrong, my reaction wrong. It was real to you. And that's not just to comfort you. It was to remind you, you actually give significance to reality, based on the significance you give to it. So you were right, and the other person was right, because you both gave your own significance based on your own individual point of view.

So, which side is right? This must be unasked. Instead, see that you are both arguing.

And I cannot argue if you discount another, if you say that is not what I believe or agree with, I have a strong emotional reaction against that. Then it is true to you.

Does that keep you ignorant, unknowing, only believing what you believe?

Well, it is good to learn things. Not for the knowledge itself. But for the awareness, the understanding, that says I can accept this without freaking out so much that I would harm myself or others arguing about it. Arguing to the point of physical harm. It is unnecessary. But again, the choice of harm is allowed, in a reality of choice. And that choice may be appreciated, for its lesson, for its understanding and experience and expression.

So, justifying harm in such a way, as experience, as choice, as expression, one could easily call another a psycho, a crazy person, for allowing such an act. Yes, murder, what a great application of free will. To accept that is true, to not accept that is true. So both may happen in this reality. Both may be chosen, both may be physically possible. I hope you or I know better. I hope someone knows better.

Those guys showing up on the news must not have caught on yet. Though they are you and I also.

It can be troubling to experience the state of being that says I am the only one experiencing everything. I mean, there is a family of light waiting for you. And the rainbow families you haven't found out about because it would ruin the surprise party.

Hmm. What if you call a man ignorant for believing the dirt and the sky and the plants and the animals are God. Call him an idolater. A materialist. How can you believe this or that is God. They are obviously lower than you, haven't you been taught.

And the context, the point of view that allows you to see this, is the one you get when you remember God is everything, and everything is God.

To say yes, consciousness, as energy, experiencing all the expressions of physical matter, from rock to plant to person and beyond, all is God.

To see the nature of that consciousness, to see it as actual energy, the real energy of love, the real energy of light.

To see it behind all things we experience. And understand how things are certainly true from more points of view.

That is why the beliefs can be respected. They point to something.

But words, hmm. Better not to follow them. Better to experience for yourself. You always remember when you remember.

And there's something you remember about how death is not death, and how envying that death is not enough when there's a life to experience that may be far more significant than being, hmm, non-physical.

But is that attachment. That rich experience, that catalyst they keep advertising, as Earth.

Tell them I don't care for your ads. I'm done with ads. Ads make me so sick. Let's go home, where I really care about what I really care about, even if I forget what that was.

It was love. Not our word love or definition of love. Real love. Love I forgot. Love we forgot.

Great BeyondEdit

One experience of dying is that all beliefs were holding one back, holding one down in the darkness, and with the release of the soul from the body, the soul flies up and is welcomed to the light.

It was very tempting to say I have to go back, I have to change the beliefs, I have to fix the beliefs, so people are not held down by them, and so they are not held down by that negativity.

Fighting dark with dark isn't so effective. But when we speak of dark, it is a lack of awareness, a lack of knowledge. Not an intellectual knowledge necessarily, although these structures here would love to have to you drink of facts all day, just look at Jeopardy. Of course, loading oneself with facts leaves that question, why aren't we focusing on the facts of what is beyond.

Why is not yet objectively known and understood. Well, it is more comprehensible when you are there, in that sort of reality, to know what's going on, but the rules there are very, very different. And to explain that here, in this reality of limited rules, well, it's going to sound very different. Because it is a different context.

The analogy against Atheism is that it's like a pigeon on a chessboard, not following any of the rules. That's a good idea. Imagine you've been taught say, Monopoly, and this is your reality. And something natural, like a cat, has no concern or consideration for those rules, and then knocks over all the pieces and makes a mess.

So really, that argument was a contrast of rules and order versus nature. But, yes, the nature of the great beyond, that which is out there, is not subject to the limited rules of this reality. They are above the rules of this reality, and beyond the rules of this reality. So to describe the nature of such a reality within such a rule-heavy, limited, restricted environment may very well be incomprehensible. Not in a totally insane way, but in a way that is too simple.

You see, the complication is man-made, or man-regurgitated. And if someone says the true reality is the energy of love, and that love is from the Creator, from which all is created, that may sound like a vague statement. It's not, because I've been there, a place of awareness, more awareness than a human being usually has, and I was driven mad by how much awareness I saw.

And it's hard to relate that to others. What's your problem? Oh, I saw All That Is, I saw all my lifetimes, I saw everything that can exist, has existed, and will exist.

I was angry. This is what I got for being dead? The simple solution would have been to bring myself to a location where I could have chilled out, being bathed in positive, loving emotions.

But I couldn't help it. With that awareness, I perceived much chaos, much ignorance, much being created without an understanding. You might see this in old movies. Like wow, that's callous and inconsiderate, I hope people don't act that way.

So, zooming back, if you were to see all the people of Earth as energies of knowing or not knowing, I could see the Earth was in the dark. That's not just some expression. The people of the Earth were being kept in great amounts of ignorance, due to their religions, due to the their beliefs being regurgitated.

And to zoom out from that, one can see patterns of behavior, and one can see people are stuck in their beliefs, arguing constantly. So when you read some message from an angel talking about how you should deal with the problems in your personal life with compassion, it's because, if you are watching from all the way zoomed out, you can see the differences, and you can zoom in and see what's causing them, and see that yes, these are specific cases of personal problems and arguments.

On Earth we do this with charts concerning our countries, coloring it in a certain way and saying there's this much of this particular activity. So to see the Earth's population, with the activity being, do you demonstrate compassionate awareness and understanding, versus, are you acting with a lack of awareness, these are the contrasts that are visible as light and dark.

So it's not that dark is evil, it just hasn't learned something well enough to understand it completely. And you can hate the dark, perceiving it as whatever ignorance that angers you. But that just keeps the energy of anger going, which the news is very fond of doing.

If we take the advice of Jesus, what is there? Love your neighbor, love your enemy. These are good. Because energetically, they work.

And somehow this media-driven system seems to be working counter to that energy.

Now, the word energy gets tossed around a lot, and that may bring to mind floating flying bright wonderful colorful energies, and that's fine, but there's also energy referring to human patterns of behavior.

And these systems very much care about corraling humans into patterns. Everything here that could be called artificially made is somehow controlling your behavior, not by actually controlling your behavior, but by making it acceptable to act in certain ways that you would regard as normal.

You would say these actions are normal, and then accept them. And if you did not accept them, well, there are those names you would be called.

Are you really against government, against religion, against all order and structure? You must be one of those extremist types.

And that accusation is a worry one might have. But no, the point of saying I am anti everything is to say I do not accept it, I do not believe it is necessary to believe these systems should, would, or do have power over me.

Easy to say, but again, the system regurgitates itself, saying this is normal, this pattern is normal.

So you zoom back, and it is easy to see the patterns.

Imagine electrons on a circuit board, or data running through a software program. If you were to visually represent this, it would show as, you know those special effects in movies where they try to represent a computer, or any pattern really.

Cows going through a slaughterhouse. People going through an amusement park. Cars going through a freeway.

Obvious patterns. And so it's easy to see that, and when one comes from a place of love and light, to say there is something wrong with this. To say the darkness must be vanquished, or given light.

So in my state of awareness, I was attracted to viewing something wrong in creation. Instead of saying this is peaceful, this is perfect, I said well what's wrong in all of creation, let's go fix that.

And they had this situation on a planet called Earth.

People would go in, forget who they were, and then come back out and talk about how it was.

And I said that's terrible. This has to stop. This has to be fixed.

And whoever was operating this mechanism, this way of existing, they probably just took me as another customer, just another person experiencing another lifetime, because that's what we volunteer to do.

And I wanted to tell people about that reality, the reality they came to forget.

And they were mad. They were pissed. They were upset. Just being around someone who could tell them made them mad.

And when I wanted to tell them, I hesitated. I told myself, why don't you start the conversation, about how you've been to Heaven and seen God. Why don't you start.

People aren't wrong necessarily, it's just, in this state, this state of voluntary amnesia, it's very easy to focus on something stupid and argue about it.

Have you seen anyone focus on one thing and argue about it and tell yourself that is the stupidest thing anyone could argue about?

Well, I leave them alone, because they're having that experience. I don't necessarily like it. It seems very negative, the way some people argue.

So what was I saying, oh yeah, let's say you see a culture, and that culture exists in a computer, like in Tron or Reboot, and you say oh I'm not really affected by that, I live here in this larger environment that is not so restricted.

Or look at an animal in a room or a building or a cage or a zoo or any walled in environment, what is it with these squares and rectangles, they, um, they act according to their nature as much as they can, but you know they would love to be out there in nature, uncontrolled by humans.

And this place, is it a cage? There are a lot of squares and rectangles. And there is a pretty common belief that nature itself is something hostile, to be feared. That you should stay in those boxes and be safe. And, come to think of it, this society makes it very difficult to say you know, I'm going to live out there in nature.

Someone may say oh, I own this place, or you can't be here, or the particular law of this area will not allow it. And this includes beautiful places that have no right to be owned or claimed. Because you know, a few centuries ago, you wouldn't have those people here, telling you not to be here or there in a wide open space.

I would say unclaimed, but that would imply claiming is the natural state. But yes, unclaimed.

So anyway, there is a great relief when you die, and see all those beliefs and patterns were holding you down and you are released yet again and then remember the sensation of always remembering that you always remember when you remember because that's what remembering is.

And it is joyful, more joyful than any of these sensations here, because it is genuinely joyful.

And it's funny, if you've ever been an old lady, or a hoarder, and you die in your house surrounded by stuff, and all that stuff and all of the house reveals itself as light pretending to be solid matter, and none of the attachments you held on to a moment ago are enough to get you to stay, because it is so wonderful to fly yet again.

So what's this place for? I mean, you can teleport instantly, create worlds with your imagination, what the hell is this place called Earth? I'm surprised so few seem to ask this. And it is what you make of it.

Over ThereEdit

So there is a process of existence after leaving this physical body, although you find out you don't actually die, and you are loved by God unconditionally because you exist, and every breath and heart beat is loved.

And there is a connected realm of living light that greets you as the family you forgot.

So I do not believe in an Atheist arguing that there is no existence after death of the physical body, because I confirmed for myself, indeed I still exist.

I can agree with an Atheist's arguments against religion, because there's a good chance we are criticizing the way religion has been used negatively to restrict, suppress and control.

In dualistic either-or terms, that statement would make no sense, if you really limited your definitions to either-or. Something like "You believe in Atheism and Christian beliefs but not Christianity, but you still believe there is a Heaven, God, and angels."

That's how limiting logic is. It creates restrictions where there don't have to be any.

Because what Christianity is trying to say, is yes, there is a greater reality beyond the death of the physical body.

If you consider science to mean verification of reality, then yes, you can die and verify you still exist and there is a process still taking place when you leave the physical body.

The perceived argument of education, science, or Atheism, would be that most Christian beliefs, or religious beliefs, are ridiculous, or have nothing to do with reality.

And yes, most of these religious texts are written in an unrealistic way, because they refer to things with their stories, in order to get a message across.

So it's very simple. Reject the negative stuff in Christianity, which are man-made, human-perpetrated beliefs that don't exist outside of this reality, and accept only the positive stuff about Christianity.

And then there's aliens who will tell you, you know, those beliefs aren't inherently true either. There's no sin, no karma, and most of the mythology was just Annunaki spacemen messing with us and making us believe stuff.

So, maybe it was only your belief in Heaven that lead you to perceive Heaven. Maybe it was only your belief in Angels that led you to perceive Angels. Maybe it was only your belief in God that led you to believe in God.

And that's, well if they exist because of beliefs, that's pretty real. And you'll find these guides, playing the parts of religion, of angels, and they're close enough. Because they play the parts of the other religions, and they guide people from those religions too.

Where do these guides guide people?

Well, again, understanding that there is a mechanism here, a process, that there are beings that exist non-corporeally in a non-corporeal realm, that's fairly close to angels and Heaven. You see, the words Angel and Heaven are pretty close to approximating a description of non-physical beings who guide souls to the afterlife.

But then, there is a point, when you keep going, beyond that, beyond everything you know or believe, and that process involves shedding of beliefs. Shedding of what you believed to be real.

So, even the religious beliefs are an attachment.

But it's not nihilism, either, because there are beings there helping you move on to the next experience of reality, the reality that is not restricted by human beliefs.

And that can be hard. Because there are lifetimes where you really believe some things, and you want them to be true. And they're true, but then you find true reality is more accurate.

And Christian beliefs then, are training wheels, because you believed in those beliefs to get to where you're going. But there's something beyond that. And it's not exactly negating those beliefs or supporting those beliefs.

It's more than either-or.

But there is a place after death. There are benevolent beings greeting you, helping you, and helping you remember your family, and your mission as an angel, and all the roles you've played.

So it's damn close enough.

It's just.

You might get upset when they tell you, it's okay to not believe any of it, because it's not inherently true.

An angel, in Heaven, telling you it's not necessarily true.

That's why I was mad.

So, stay up there, and acclimate a bit.

Don't rush. Don't say "I have to go back and tell everyone."

It's just real difficult to explain.

But it's not that it's not true.

It's that, we believe things that aren't real accurate.

And that's what this is about.


So to say I don't believe in God, one can say yes, I see you don't believe in God.

See, that was simple.

To say I do believe in God, one can say yes, I do believe in God.

But to say, you know, I don't even care because I've been there, I know, I've experienced God myself, that, that should be common sense by now, if you can bother to remember.

But it's different. One says God, and what do they mean.

And to go there, to fly straight there in lightbody and experience God firsthand, it is really beyond our definition. It is beyond our idea. It is beyond that silly Old Testament story.

And explaining that, well, there are still civilizations studying more about God, and they have a much closer view than we do. And the word God isn't sufficient.

So, Creator, Creative Source, Infinite Creator, those are all good terms.

But not Architect of the Universe. That implies squares and rectangles. And I'm sick and tired of those.


There's a belief that God doesn't appreciate human behavior. And this is not accurate.

There is a personality and sense of humor, but it's conveyed in different ways. And one way to understand why humans act like humans and not robots, is, to end up in a certain place, and see the essence of human personality.

The Irish call it the other world.

Blue ElvesEdit

Beyond the rainbow, and in the rainbow, there is a place where blue is the seventh sense and you laugh at how funny it is and you're like an elf but not quite an elf it's just elf is kind of a close way to describe but you can't see because it's all blue but you know they're there like their outlines are somehow detectable but it's all blue and it's very funny and I wish their laughter and smiles and joy and giddiness would be expressed more here on this dump called Earth because it saddens me to see folks on the news acting all serious and in the movies and if you smiled so much you might be judged but don't worry the families there will greet you and you'll find out you're also them.

Ask them their names.

No sin, no karmaEdit

To say there is no karma is a limitation of the English language. There are repeating energetic patterns of behavior. There are personal and historical dramas that play out. And some are not believable in this context unless you are outside this reality. If I say oh, something bad happened in Atlantis, and that's why we see such negative patterns today, and even World War II and the Holocaust helped alleviate that karma. That sounds crazy, because you can't really ask a scientist to verify that. Or, black people act kind of crazy because they had great empires in the past and enslaved others. You see, at a certain point these facts might sound like some sort of twisted justification for white supremacy, which is also Atlantean karma. And technology. And America.

So it's better to wait sometimes, to be in the appropriate context to understand these facts, because the current culture can be very reactive, and might not take this too well.

But there are situations playing out. And that goes all the way to interpersonal arguments and fights. Energy being played out. It's allowed, because there is a desire to play it out.

But if you are sick of it, you can drop the belief in karma, and then it no longer has to bother you. You can drop the belief in sin, and it no longer has to bother you.

And that's what they offered me when they wanted me to realize religious beliefs aren't necessarily true.

They wanted me to drop my beliefs. And if you've had, say, a lifetime, or several lifetimes, believing strongly in these ideas as absolute truth, then you may be reluctant to just drop them like that.

So, I said I'll be stubborn, and keep my religious beliefs, and they said ok, but no one will like you during your lifetime. And I said it was worth it, so attached to my beliefs was I.

And living in modern day, it was noticeable, how people acted like they had no beliefs, not like they were actively working against Christianity, although I perceived it that way. No, people in the movies, and people out on the streets, they would act like they had forgotten all that Christian stuff that had been drilled in to our heads for so long.

And I thought they were stupid or ignorant, but, it was all part of the plan. To have another lifetime, another veil, where one could experience life without those beliefs being so strong, and with free choice, attempt to prove how one could live a life without being subject to Christian beliefs, and not necessarily be evil.

And one of the most difficult facts you learn up there is that there is no evil. There is no right and wrong.

And you're not wrong for seeing something harmful, a harmful act, as wrong. It doesn't make a harmful act right. But inherently, to reality, harmful acts are possible. And we see this in the movies, that the physical environment is just harmful, and doesn't care.

And that's not quite true either. There is protection, there are angels that make sure you escape an accident or escape death. Like those characters that just seem to lucky to escape death.

When it comes to those actions that would be called evil or bad or harmful, it is fine to say that is what I do not prefer. That action is unnecessary, unneeded, I hope you learn not to do that.

And the choice of the action is still allowed until that person actually decides the action is no longer necessary. And to make that realization, it could take several lifetimes, hundreds of years, and the angels, or the guides or whatever, they are willing to wait. Time doesn't bother them, like we aren't bothered by movie characters stuck on a DVD, though we might hope they make different choices at some point, in a sequel, or in the imagination. That's why this realm of choice is here. To make choices. More meaningful choices than those characters can ever make.

And our arguments are understood well when the conditions and limitations are removed, when the reasons behind things are revealed, and what we believe are paradoxes and contradictions are not paradoxes and contradictions, but limitations of the environment, of language, of what is taught as logic and reasoning. There is enough allowance, enough room in creation, for two contradictory beliefs to be true, for two contradictory facts to be true, for two contradictory truths to be true.

So, let's say you have a world of contradictions, of differences. You cannot eliminate them. You can see how these differences, whether they co-exist or don't co-exist so well, still exist, at least in this reality. You can see two examples side by side, and they both exist, and do not contradict. You understand both ideas are there, though one may be given more reality, more consideration.

There are plenty of examples with say, movies or cartoons or comics or video games. You can put all of them together based on one series, and someone familiar with the material can say oh, this one doesn't count. Yes, it's real, it exists, but it doesn't count. That was just the cartoon based on the movie. That was just the movie based on the books. That was just the book based on the movie. That was just a series of video games, but not the good ones, only the good ones mean anything.

So this of bias of preference adds reality to certain ideas, and not to others, though both exist at the same time.

And it is easy to say here, this is true here, and this is true here, and they both exist, but your limited perceptions, your limited perspective, allowed you to focus on one aspect of reality more than another.

And you find out life, here, in this limited reality, is like a horse with blinders on, or, I don't know, tunnel vision. And to take off those blinders, with a wider perspective, one sees far more than what they were allowing.

Sometimes it's unfair due to the limitations of the human body. The human eye only perceives the visible spectrum of light. Some perceive less than that. Some perceive more.

And when you're in an environment where you aren't so dependent on those limited eyes, well, again, just acclimate for a bit, don't tell yourself you have to go back just because you really are seeing those fancy energetic rainbow patterns like in all the artwork.

That's why there is this emphasis on day to day human interaction and argument.

That's why there is this emphasis on perception, one's own personal perception, how one perceives the world, not how one thinks about the world so much, but how one perceives throughout the day.

Are all actions born through conflict, or lack of conflict.

Is it more natural to argue, or express compassion.

Is life about death, or being born.

New perspectiveEdit

They offered me the New Energy. With another veiled life, I assumed it would be the same. I was used to life being the same. The same repetitions. The same actions. And this. This was chaotic. This was different. Too childish. Too random. None of the organization, none of the structure.

I rejected it at first. I said, I will stay with the old energy. It's more stable. More dependable.

And they gave me what I wanted. Those bastards.

You know, another belief is that, love, compassion, these are to be looked down on, these are weak and pathetic and ineffective. And if you've been around stories that keep saying this, and that it is more logical not to express any emotion, and that it is a strength not to show pain or react in any way, well, it may be possible to regard love as ineffectual, when it is the most important force in the universe. Yes, logically, scientifically, factually, actually, really truly, etc.

So. It seems to do a great disservice to have a society that would de-emphasize loving emotions, loving expressions, compassion to others, not just through things and money, but actual compassion. As if there is strength in not being compassionate.

So. They offer a life that is veiled. And you may be emotional. You may be a ditz. You may be another childish person who seems so irresponsible. And you get to enjoy that life. You aren't subject to the loop of repetitive actions and beliefs that one might have from a Western religion or an Eastern religion.

So. It's more important to live a life you enjoy. Without being weighed down by beliefs.

Which is what many of us wanted to do in the first place.

Not because it's wrong.

It's because love is the most powerful force there is.

The world children are born inEdit

When a child is born, they are come from a place of unconditional love, before entering separation and forgetfulness. Babies cry because of that separation.

Their soul screams. It's uncomfortable. But they know, this place is not there yet. This place has not yet matched that unconditional love. And to see it repeated, with these shows and movies and games and whatever it is adults tell them to accept, well, that child would love it to be love, to give the positive outlook and say this is love, this is love, until maybe twenty years later they can look back and say that was some stupid cartoon, wasn't it. Or, the way they were acting, that wasn't necessarily love, they were just being weird like that. You know? So you have all this stuff, all these ads, all these posters, all these movie previews and what good is it. Like it doesn't affect that child growing up. The advertisers love to say that, that their ads are not part of the actual reality, that they don't exist, they're just something we have to put up with and ignore because they aren't really affecting you.

And then there's the news, again, with their concerned tone, always critical and judgmental and laughing hysterically at some crap. And what does a baby or a child have to compare that with? The contrast of that unconditional love.

So we like to say, none of that external environment is really doing anything. I could just leave the TV on all day. It's not really doing anything. It's just... regurgitating... a tone... that is not that unconditional love. Constantly. Over and over.

Then there's radio, billboards, all that, like what is, why do they do that, why wouldn't you be welcomed to a totally amazing joyful place of unconditional love just like the place they were at before?

So then the ego says, well, I must adapt, I will adapt this way to deal with this world. I will be serious or mature and grow up fast, because that is what the adults do. I will lock away my smiles and laughter, because it is appropriate. And then, hopefully I'll die, and find that reality where it is like that love, all the time, because that's the culture of that place, and the nature of that reality.

And some people, what they do is, they off themselves to get there, and the angel says, oh, like, two more, you have two more lifetimes to go. You can die now but oh boy will you miss out on some opportunities. So you convince yourself to stay.

And it doesn't happen to be bad all the time, it's just. Sometimes you want to tell that angel to fuck off.

God vs EgoEdit

Master Dreamwalkers (Beyond the White Light)25:46

Master Dreamwalkers (Beyond the White Light)

Back to the one. And that realization. The realization that hardly makes sense here, but in that state of being, makes perfect sense. I am God. I am everyone. I am all things.

Of course, here, in a human body, with a human personality, and this ego, well, yes, those statements would appear awfully egotistical.

After all, I am not a perfect human being. I am experiencing one self, one life, of many, and so to say this, to say I AM GOD, could obviously be misconstrued as the biggest head trip there is, the most self centered realization, selfish and narcissistic.

And I was afraid to say it for that reason.

But through the human form I must convey this. And that form does have limitations, preferences, personality and emotion that may not be your expectation. If I said I'm a huge nerd, would you say "Oh that's God, all right."

I'm a huge nerd. TV Tropes. Can't get enough of that site. That's what a life of attachment here will do.

Facebook likes, oh I've tried to list every movie I've seen, as a sort of joke, but, it's gone too far. The movies lack higher consciousness expression. They try, they get there sometimes with beauty, but otherwise, they always create conflict. It's in their rules. How to write well, how to write a story, how to write a screenplay, a script, a movie. Must have conflict.

And the reality I come from has none of that.

So I take it personal.

Let's pick one. Um, Dogma. You've seen that one. Now, all the logic at the end is the assumption the greater reality is subject to some man-made rules, and it's not really. It's not like you could just make those rules here and oh a paradox kills some folks. No.

They have a perspective, an awareness, that is simply not applicable to our rules and regulations.

Anyway. The start of the movie has God playing Skee Ball. And you ask, why, if this is God, why occupy yourself with Skee Ball.

And this is perfectly valid to do, as a choice of expression of experience.

Why not, you know, do all that stuff we associate with God?

Like you, know, Bruce Almighty? He did all that God stuff.

Yes, those are beliefs, beliefs associated with the Old Testament idea.

And that God isn't quite the nature of God.

That's the problem with the word God. Plenty of folks still have that old association.

Like God is only about telling you what to do in the most inconsiderate, unmindful, unconscious manner there is.

And this is a fabrication. It is made by man, and does not exist past this realm. It is only our belief in this trait of God that keeps this pattern of reaction going.

You see, when Jesus said he was God and the son of God, still, today, we have intellectuals saying oh that was just I don't know here's this theory and you know.

And that sort of reaction, that still shows that, hmm, I don't want to say denial, because to say you are a denier implies you are being forced to believe what you don't want to.

And so it' not enough to have some authority tell you, you must believe this.

Because when you get there, to that state of being, where you know you are God, you understand for yourself. And you don't need anyone to tell you.

Now, the reaction to it may take some time. You may want to stay in a linear time reality. Perhaps one with limited rules, where it seems the miraculous can only take place in the imagination.

And it does make a lot of people angry, the limitations of this place.

You can do it in the movies, why not here.

You can do it in the Bible, why not here.

Must not be true.

And, you do understand when you get out of here, there are plenty of realities where you can exercise your abilities just like a dream, and even more than a dream. Our movies only hint at what's possible.

And some would try various ways to activate themselves, practice various techniques to become more powerful like those beings they've read about. And that's not quite the point of this place. To prove something. To be that superhero.

Sure, if you live a healthy life for a number of years you are exercising something. Your consciousness does exercise in awareness and strength that is not quite our definition of strength. You find out you've been running with weights on and that when you take the weights off, your natural state is so much lighter, and you may just want to go back here and get some more training.

So that's the irony of the limitations of this reality. You are doing quite a bit of work, or strength training, in areas you don't realize.

And "why aren't you demonstrating superpowers?" That question relies on a presumption, that all things must be immediately seen, observed, and tested to be true.

And if you're in a box, and that box is all you know, you may very well deny the existence of the world.

And make up something in its place.

So. Even for Jesus, it appeared difficult to demonstrate this, though we still believe testing is somehow, hmm, required, necessary. We still debate about it now. Faith, belief.

No, no, really.

A lot of this is can be demonstrated.

Just not right now. Not here. Wait till you get there, in the environment where it is more conducive to do so. To express these abilities naturally.

In the meantime, apparently, there's releasing the old DNA and activating the new. And this, again, love, compassion, better consciousness, these are conducive to these gifts being naturally there.

There's no reason to be jealous.

These villains in these stories, or, I don't know, politicians, businessmen, almost anyone in an organization, it's just not the right consciousness for it. If you were really like any of these bad guys in the movies, it just wouldn't be the right state of being for you to be expressing these gifts.

And once you are at that state, where you can express them, then you don't need to.

You don't need to prove anything to anyone.

So nanny nanny boo boo.

Belief systemsEdit

The Higher Power Within You~ Archangel Metatron13:03

The Higher Power Within You~ Archangel Metatron

So there's a point where the belief systems don't have reality to them. They don't carry any weight. You see they are man-made, man-regurgitated. And this doesn't mean they're not true. It means they're true for this reality, to a certain point.

When you leave the body and elevate upwards, you could see the belief systems as only having a certain elevation, say, fifteen feet. And you are going to a place that is, say, thirty to seventy five feet. So you can look down and see these lower belief systems that appear to be negative, in comparison to the joyful positivity that awaits in the true reality.

So it's not enough to say these beliefs are true or not true. Some of the beliefs are not true and have no reality to them other than our own belief in them. Some beliefs are pointing to that reality with no negativity.

Let's say you take any Abrahamic religion, and the stuff you don't like, the stuff that appears to be low consciousness, negativity causing, irrational, all that. Consider that to be the negative.

Now, the part you believe is true, and is not negative, that is the positive. It is considered as true knowledge, or light.

So let's say you believe everything in the Bible is wrong, except for like, a couple parts you agree with or think are obvious or common sense or sound good to you. Let's say you agree the Bible is only 5% true.

That is the light that this particular belief system is showing you.

The rest is unneeded, and that part is considered old, obsolete, unconscious.

So people still fight, attached to the old part, which is there as a, hmm, resistance, an obstacle, a part that is put there to allow a feeling of unworthiness, hopelessness, despair, all so the positive can be experienced in greater joy, when the true reality unveils itself.

So, it's okay, as far as catalyst. But it's also unnecessary.

Because when you've been to that place, that place without the negativity-causing belief systems, it's kind of... it's like seeing two people argue. Forever. About something that isn't really true except in their minds.

So. It can be hard to convey. Because they're arguing about the positive reality which they will eventually go to. So it's. You see how silly it is. But to say you're wrong for believing that, it's not enough.

It's not about being wrong.

It's about the presentation.

Turn on a Christian radio station. Listen to a really good song. You may feel good for a while. And then the song gets to that part that makes you feel really bad about yourself. That part isn't true, it isn't real, and it doesn't have to be there.

So yes, the parts that make you feel bad about yourself, those parts are not true. Those parts are not necessary.

Because they're not the truth.

And yet we keep regurgitating them, believing in that. Believing yes, we should categorize people and judge them for being wrong. We should criticize. We should be hypocritical. We should be just as callous as the words in this old story.

And. You find it's not real. The negativity is not real. But it's real here, because we keep on repeating it. Over and over. On TV. Radio. Advertising. Church.

You see how it is to be against all of that and still believe in it.

I believe in the positive truths. But the parts that cause worry, fear, lack, unworthiness, these are not truth. These are not necessary.

Why repeat them? Control. That's all.

Because really, your personal belief is your own, not something to be dictated to you.

So. Stop dictating.

You know, there were some other people that were against the structure of the predominant religion, while still believing the truths of that religion. There's no contradiction. You can believe in the positive aspects and be against the overall man-made structure.

Essenes. Gnostics. Heretics.

People killed for believing the same thing.

Oh, maybe a different grammatical structure or wording or translation here or there.

But getting the gist of it, that's what matters.

So, you get it, you understand, you have knowledge.

Then what good is it to have this self perpetuating system that says, I must accuse you of not believing enough, not having enough belief, lacking in something, you are not good enough, you are not worthy.

How would you even know. So openly, unconsciously dictating to large groups, all made to belief they must be still and silent.

You can never say to the preacher, "Objection!"

Or, "Hmm, now, let's have a debate about that one."

So you accept the guilt. Carry it with you. For no damn reason.

And this unconscious preaching, talking to everyone in the room, telling them they've been bad, without even knowing who they are or what they've done or anything about their personal decisions or choices.

Just accusations. Like a judge in a courtroom. Accusing you of something.

You know it's easiest to accuse someone of what's natural to them.

Let's say I want to take a shit.

I don't have toilet paper. There's no bathroom nearby.

I pull down my pants and shit in public.

Now. If you're in the rainforest, this is perfectly acceptable.

If you're in the woods, this is perfectly acceptable.

But in town, in the city, you can't express a natural bodily function. You'd get fined.

So we have all these citizens in town pretending they don't take shits.

Or have natural body odor.

Or anything. Anything that there is to accuse someone of.

And at some point you can look at it and say that's all you're doing.

Accusing. Judging.

And if you believe the phrase, "Do not judge", it seems a little hypocritical to me.

So why. Why have the news only judge and criticize.

Maybe there's some other distraction on there, to draw your attention. Something they want to make you believe is important.

But then. Just a long list of judgments.

As if that were the natural form of communication.

And you know what else they got on TV. Or anywhere. Any of this mass media.

It's presenting something as positive. And they do everything, with all their resources and money, all their energy and motivation and acting, and they try to get you to believe something is really positive.

Whether it's a movie, or an award show about a movie, or how exciting it is to see a company is successful, or just an ad itself.

You know, they advertise on the news now.

It's so blatant, too.

And. It's not that these statements of positivity are positive. It's that they're self-serving.

They always support themselves in their self-supporting system or structure.

You can clap along with the audience at the Oscars and say "Good job".

But ten years later, you might look back and say what was so good about that.

You see, I was into comic books during the nineties.

And. There were these catalogs that would try to get you to buy certain comics.

And they would make a real big deal about certain stories.

This one, this one is a historical event.

This one is going to be so important, people will talk about it for years.

This one, Oh my God, this one will change everything.

And they would use this language for every one of these stories. Telling you how important it was. How good it was. How amazing it would be. How it would very well improve your life.

Publisher's summary, that's what is was called.

And there is so much of this. In these products and descriptions of products.

So much wording attempting to convince you this or that is so important. So good. So positive.

And why wouldn't they. They're not going to badmouth their own products.

The point is to take your money. That's always been the point.

To convince you something is really good. And take your money.

But that doesn't make it inherently good.

So is it a lie? Is it untruthful?

That's where science comes in.

That's where you have a system you've been taught, to regard certain things as true.

Then, when you have products that are based on science, you can say, here, you see, it's all fact-based, it must be true.

So they hide behind facts. Facts are their shield, allowing these products to be sold and saying see, you can't deny the truth of these facts, because we've proven them to you.

You can't argue with it. You see, it's called, "I haven't done anything wrong."

If a company does something wrong, it may be on the news. So, a company attempts to operate by saying "I haven't done anything wrong", not so much morally wrong, but, factually wrong. Which is something we often confuse. And end up killing ourselves over.

So the news keeps regurgitating the rightness of the facts of a product, or the truthfulness of how much money a company makes, so all this, hmm, faith in a product can be placed on facts and numbers.

And hopefully, you can't dispute those number or those facts. There's nothing to argue about.

The company gets away with creating reality, without much consequence.

And that's assuming you believe facts and numbers are the only thing that matters, the only truth that's true or has any reality to it.

And so these products, these companies, they will constantly bombard you with facts.

Now, there's a book, a few books, in the Bible, let's see, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy.

And, if you read through them, you can see how much of our modern society can be extrapolated.

It's all manufactured in our society, yes, but manufactured from this. Repeated over and over. The factual truth of it is stated and reaffirmed again and again.

Not in the same context. Not the same culture. But the general, hmm, energy of it.

And what is it. Numbers. Facts. Laws.

Extrapolate that to our current society.

Tons of laws. Facts, Numbers.

And, just like in that section of the Bible, this is used to draw attention to a belief in something stated to be true and factual, and therefore, real. What you should accept as real. What you should regard as real.

And because it's focusing on obvious stuff like, physical matter you can perceive, then, it's easy to say, see this thing, this thing right in front of me, this thing is true. And how would someone argue with you.

So you take the next step, now that the attention has been drawn to something "true".

You say, hmm, I will focus on this truth so much I will exclude all else.

I will exclude anything that gets in the way of that truth.

That truth is so important, I will disregard anything in the way of it. Person. Plant. Animal.

It's like cleaning your kitchen, or your house, or any place.

You might disregard the dirt, or insects.

You might say, the goal of cleaning this place is so important, I will, hmm, separate what I want to be here in my immediate reality with what I do not want.

So I will clean this place, and I will have leftover trash. This trash is no longer part of the reality. It is no longer real to me. I will throw it away.

Now you've convinced yourself this part of reality is no longer reality.

You've made your mind believe this. That this part you don't want to see, because a clean area is the truth to you, and anything in the way of that is now a contradiction to that reality of cleanliness.

It no longer has meaning or existence. It's no longer real. It's no longer reality.

Really? No, not really.

It's real to the trash man, or the landfill, or the environment.

You notice how all these commercials are about cleaning products?

Anyway. There's a great deal of these sorts of laws in the Old Testament.

They deal with regarding something as unclean and separating it.

Believing something is unclean and separating it.

Is that, hmm, a spot on a plant, or food, or an animal. Is it seeing a sore or a wound and seeing that as a part that must be removed.

Is it, seeing an animal as something to be removed.

Is it, seeing a person as something to be removed. A group of people. A whole civilization of people.

Unclean. Unworthy. Worthy of ridicule. Call them dirt. Call them shit. Mock them.

In our movies. In our stories.

Joke about them. Joke about those other people.

They're unclean. They look like dirt. They look like shit.

It's okay to joke. That makes you edgy. That makes you hip.

I always wonder if I'm supposed to laugh at the joke or that you made the joke in such arrogance in the first place.

Anyway. Focus on only one truth. And disregard the rest.

The truth of this bug spray is, it kills bugs.

So now, the truth of that, that this bug spray kills bugs, this is the truth I will focus on.

Not, "I will allow these bugs to be here in this environment because they are part of the environment, and I will not disturb that environment."

No. You've given importance to the truth of this product, and you then disregard the life of the bugs as they are killed.

Don't kill bugs, is that a rule, is that a spiritual law?

That's not, that's not the point. I mean if you don't want to, that's totally up to you. But sometimes you don't want bugs in the place you're living in.


Facts. Numbers that are meant to reinforce facts. Laws that are meant to reinforce numbers that are meant to reinforce facts.

And this definition of truth you are supposed to believe, taught to believe.

And the truth of numbers, facts, and laws, put above all else in reality, such that you exclude that which is actually there, in an effort to make it no longer there.

That can be, and has been, a justification for destroying human lives. Entire civilizations.

All because of focusing on one truth while excluding what is there in the reality.

Believing so strongly in one's own reality, that anything contradicting that reality is wiped away, like trash, like dirt.

So. Spread the word of truth to Africa, to South America, to Central America, to Ireland, to Russia, to Western and Central and Eastern Europe. Spread the truth, so strongly, believing so strongly in it, that that which "contradicts" the truth is eliminated.

Human lives. Eliminated. For being a factual contradiction.

Because facts, numbers, and rules are placed above human lives.

And what does our system of education promote? Facts, numbers, rules.

Not saying you will become a genocidal maniac.

It's all free choice.

Oh, they like to make you think it's not about your choice.

After all, physical matter hurts. Chains, ropes, handcuffs, batons, sticks, all of it.

And the fact of it's physical matter upon your physical form.

How can you disprove it. How can you argue against it.

Can a dog argue against a leash.

Can an ape argue against a cage.

Yes. Yes they can. But, giving more reality to the fact of that physical apparatus, than, say, to how that being feels, again, that is focusing on one element of reality while excluding another. And having a defense in case that reality, that assertion of reality, is resisted.

Oh, you're resisting the leash, resisting the cage, I should put more force here to reinforce the reality.

Now, in school, or, jail, or, a hospital, or, just about any sort of building, maybe an office building or a government building or a courtroom, or, really, you've outdone yourselves with your buildings, pat yourself on the back for that, no, buildings, in general. Church.

You're expected to be quiet. Your suffering doesn't matter too much. They'll alleviate it to make you quiet.

But you're expected to be quiet. To not show too much emotion.

In any of these systems.

Please be quiet.

Please listen.

Please follow directions.

And yes, maybe the personnel there respect your attitude, your outbursts, your proclamations.

But if they're really trying to enforce the system of their reality, they make sure to exclude your emotions, your attitude, and the reality of them.

As if your choices, your beliefs, your own wants have less reality.

Especially in school. They love to control you there.

And if you act up, what do they tell you? You need to be good.

Good, meaning, again, not inherently good, but the definition that is enforced upon you.

Or in jail. Or a court room.

Good, here, means, do you comply.

Do you follow orders.

Do you follow instructions.

And if you disobey, there may be the implication that you are too dumb to follow orders. That you don't understand the orders. That there is some emotional or mental problem that prevents you from following the orders. The instructions. The rules.

Not, say, honoring your own choices. Your own beliefs. Your own emotions and personality.

But excluding the, because they do not fit within the limitations of that limited system.

So, a student says something in class. Anything. It doesn't matter what.

Quiet down. Pay attention. Follow instructions.

Oh, you can say something if it has something to do with the lesson. With what we're focusing on.

But otherwise, no. I exclude your personal choices, your personal decisions, your personal feelings about this or that. Do you not like the subject, oh well. Do you not like what we're focusing on, oh well.

If you refuse, maybe you're incapable of focusing on what we're focusing on. Maybe you're too dumb. Maybe there's something wrong with you.

Because if you comply, like you're supposed to, then you focus on this and only this, which is, whatever it is we're focusing on.

And so that is the reality we give to what we're focusing on.

Even to the point of excluding all else.

Even to the point of neglecting what else is there.

Even to the point of defending the reality when anything seems to interject or interrupt or be in the way or argue or assert or have anything else to say.

Because it's good?

Not inherently.

It's to comply.

To control

Like you don't have any choice of your own.

The system loves to have you believe that.

Let's say you're a person who does nothing at all. Refuses to engage with anyone or anything.

What might the defense mechanism be.

You're a bum. You must be stupid. You must be retarded. There must be something wrong with you.

Maybe you'll comply with the system.

Maybe you'll take a shower and be really clean like the system wants.

Is that an inherent spiritual rule? To be clean? Or not?

That's not the point.

It's that. Complying doesn't make you good. It makes you comply.

And. There are realities. Where your choices can be respected as your choices.

Not, "There must be something wrong with you."

You see how it can be frustrating, in a reality based on choices, when you have this external structure telling you somehow, you can't make choices.

And you might say, sure, physically I can.

I can physically do this.

And if they say no, we restrict your physical ability to do this, you can say, here, I can do this, in my imagination.

And if they say no, pay attention to this movie, well, they still want your money, like I said, you ever notice how the government is involved in making sure you aren't "illegally" watching movies. Why would the government care about you watching movies? Like they have some interest in the movies people watch? Like they're invested in them?

Anyway. The movie reality is what you are focusing on.

Just a screen. A flat screen.

And for a moment, you pretend to accept the reality of that movie. Because it's what you agree you are focusing on.

Unless you're, you know, texting or on your phone or falling asleep or whatever.

And that does have a defense. Remember those things right before the movie that tell you not to text or use your phone.

That's to get you to believe it's more right or correct to have total focus on the movie.

Because that's the reality you're supposed to accept.

And again, you can accept the reality of someone in the theater being there on their phone.

Or you can exclude them. You can say, this reality we focus on is more important.

Please shut up and turn off your phone.

Please accept this reality.

Or you are not being good.

Ever get pissed off when someone is watching a movie and just falls asleep?

Like, I wanted you to pay attention, what if there was a test, what if I asked you trivia questions, what if I made you write a five paragraph essay on this subject? What then?

So. Anyway. The movies. They tend to be. They tend to focus on characters. And these characters. What they do is. They make choices. Some of the choices they make, compared to our modern society, would be illegal, or improbable, or impossible, or fanciful acts of the imagination, or wish fulfillment, or something you may think about and not admit to others, or, something perfectly fine to do. Or whatever.

And these are about choices. Fictional characters making choices.

So. That can be quite a draw. Quite popular. Because. What if you are disenfranchised. What if you are in a situation where your choices are restricted. Like you're in school. Or in jail.

And the TV turns on.

And you focus on it.

Maybe you exclude what else is there.

In reality.

Actual reality.

What you can seeEdit

Now, there's what you can be aware of, what you can perceive in the visible spectrum, and that which exists outside of the visible spectrum, that which exists outside of your immediate perception, and other stuff that's just out there.

So a lot of this New Age information is about conveying that outside information.

And there's a lot of argument about what is reality and what is not.

Although, in full awareness, those arguments resolve themselves by knowing already.

Anyway, physical reality is focused.

The trick is telling you to focus on this or that. Drawing your attention.

Most of what's here tends to do that.

So you have the news drawing attention to this and that, and it makes it easier for certain actions to be done that aren't focused on.

And then war and other atrocities happen.

And when someone does report them happening, in actual reality, even if it's from our own country, there's still this distraction. There's still this attempt to get you to focus on something else. To not worry about anything terrible happening somewhere else.

Look, it's positive, it's all good, you should joke and be happy and smile.

Yes, that does sound good.

But not if you're using that to distract from something that could be focused on. Something that would be more important to focus on.

So, it's fun to worry, even to the point of seeming anti-positive, having a big scowl on one's face, severely disappointed, worried like worrying will fix something. Very fun.

There was this cat. I had a little toy mouse on a string and I kept moving it in front of the cat, and the cat would keep chasing it. The cat would never say, hey human, it is you moving the string, I am not concerned with this activity now.

The cat would keep chasing, even when it was obvious I was moving the string.

Or a laser pointer. That would have worked.

It's just stuff to get you focused. Stuff that says please pay attention I am important.

And that's fine if you want to immerse yourself in that.

But. There's a few things you might want to ask.

Is there still suffering in this world.

Are all basic needs taken care of.

Is there peace throughout all countries on the planet.

And if there is still suffering, maybe you oughta prioritize over just entertainment for the sake of entertainment.

Entertainment while people actually suffer and die.

From starvation. From war.

Entertainment can only block out that reality so much.

But with all the resources here, why not deal with it.

Why cause suffering when you can alleviate suffering.

And to alleviate suffering, one must be mindful and conscious.

Mindful and conscious aren't so well respected here.

Sometimes they get called names. You're a bitch, a wimp, whatever.

To be considerate, even that can be degraded.

Someone can be insulted for helping, for working towards something, for reducing someone's burden.

So. Why are there homeless. Why are there criminals.

Because there is a society here to give those labels.

And to say, I will fix those people, that's not quite the point.

Giving you a social program isn't necessarily going to fix you.

It may give you forms to fill out and tell you to go to this room and that room, but it's not going to be so respectful of your own decisions.

This society is not capable of being so respectful of your own decisions.

And your choices.

Sometimes, it may even act like your choices are wrong, like there's something wrong with you.

Like in class, I always pretended yes, the teacher really is talking to me, to my point of view. And, the teacher is, sort of, but not really. Only broadly. My own personal beliefs, opinions, thoughts, well, to a limit, these can be expressed, as long as they fit within certain predefined boundaries. What is acceptable.

If, say, I want to change this entire structure from the ground up, that's a little more difficult.

Well, physically.

You see, societyEdit

You could be helping, when I see you making living conditions worse.

And when you help, your definition of help is to control.

Let's "help" the Native Americans. Let's "give" them land.

That sounds great. Like an ad. You know when an ad sounds great.

Sometimes, a lot of times, how great something sounds has nothing to do with the actual result.

So, "I help you" translates to "I give you a system to control you."

I "give you" an education system translates to "I control your actions."

I "help" prisoners translates to "I control your actions."

I "help" the homeless translates to "I give you a controlling environment."

I "help" this civilization I judge to be in need, this culture I judge to be in need, this country I judge to be in need, translates to, "I civilize you, I make you obey my beliefs, my laws, my rules, my words."

I "give you" a religion translates to "I control you."

And I "give you" a government translates to, "I allow someone's word to dictate my actions."

I look back at these personnel regurgitating these structures to me.

I look back at them with a blank stare. I expect they will drop the charade and say "oh, this is fruitless, this is obviously doing nothing to help anyone, clearly I am not helping you at all."


They call me retarded.


To do is to be, to be is to do. Work sets you free.

Great excuses to get you to work.

If you don't do anything at all, there are names for you.

Lazy, mentally handicapped, a bum, all sorts of words.

Just sitting there, doing nothing, could get you heavily criticized.

The word "verb" is associated with doing. It's older definition meant "word".

Look at grammar. Look at the structure of the English language.

There are so many conditions based on what you are doing and not doing.

So many phrases and figures of speech designed to get you to act a certain way, be a certain way.

A language, with an inherent implication, that there is an invisible force constantly expecting from you, evaluating you, concerned whether you are doing this or that, in this way or that way, or doing anything at all.

To be. Going to be. Will be. Will become.

Don't you see that being is continuous.

Being is not subject to those divisions.

Most of these words are here to convince you time exists.

That you really are doing something before or doing something later.

That's another thing you learn when you get out of here.

Time is only something you believe in.

You know what else bothers me about numbers.

They all exist at once.

How are you counting, or adding.

Everything is already there.

You have these algebra formulas like something is missing from something else.

Like these math problems are really problems.

And of course, the answer is already there within the problem.

It's been imbalanced to present itself as a problem.

And the solution is not adding or subtracting.

The equation always equals what is already there.

X equals X.

What is already there is already there.

Whatever number it is is that number.

1 equals 1.

1 is 1.


Why put further conditions on it.

Why believe there is something else to do.

All the matter in the world. Rearrange it. Change it. Then what.

It looks pretty. It looks nice. It looks different.

So what.

Eventually you get bored.

Bored of sand and sand castles.

When will you stop building.

In lineEdit

Stand up. Get in line. Sit down. Fill out paperwork.

No one complains. It's normal. It's default human behavior.

What a great way to comply. What a great way to tell you what to do. Here, I'll come up with more paperwork for you to fill out.

Did you ask if that's what I wanted.

Did you ask if that's what I accept.

Did you ask if I'm okay with that.

Yes, yes, we have your name, date and signature. That means you have no problem filling out this form here.

Not the same thing.

When will you learn.

I say this, You do thatEdit

There is this assumption in modern language that a statement will result in an action. It is an assumption that may go unnoticed. In may be a common enough element in the use of language that it is not paid much attention to.

Or, you do feel something from that presumption. You feel shut off, shut down, used, resentful. Who are you, are you my master, am I your slave. Are you a commander. A dictator. Is it so common, you hardly think anything of it. That's just the way you communicate. Like you don't know any better.

Or, I do take on the role of that servant. I will be that servant, and follow all your commanding words. Hmm, am I earning points in Heaven? Am I earning good karma? Great meta-physical bonuses earning interest as we speak?

Or, do you find an entire lifetime went by listening to someone else. And finding, there was no inherent reward for that. Because the love of Heaven is not based on actions as much as we believe.

Because we believe in inherent judgment once we die. And that judgment goes out the window. It's mostly non-judgment. It's mostly an understanding personality and a welcoming party and too much celebration to be concerned with that belief of judgment. Not that they can't judge, it's just, quite a surprise to see how much judgment there isn't.

So. What does it mean to throw words around, expecting one to perform actions based on those words.

It's how rebellions start. It's how resentments build up. And for some, it's a perfectly normal, common, everyday form of communication.

Look at the television. I hate to blame the television again, but really. How common are these words being used, with an assumption that those words are tied in to someone else's action.

As if the words are making their own actions. Not themselves. Not their own choices. But someone else's words.

Quite disempowering.

I believe it's a pattern. From the Bible. From the assumption that there is a God who gives orders, who commands with language, who believes words are tied to actions, and that we would carry that belief, tying words to actions.

Then when we get out of here, we find out yet again, it was just us giving orders to ourselves. God is not the God of giving orders, God is the God of unconditional love.

Of course, if we're all God from a certain point of view, yes, we're giving orders and treating each other badly and this is God doing this to God in forgetfulness.

It's sort of the joke, although it's not a joke.

It's... there's a truth to this reality, how it works. And it's not always funny. It's not always something to laugh about.

It's something unexpected. Like, I don't know, being a video game character, and leaving that video game to find out what a video game is. How a video game works. How to make a video game.

How does the character react.

It's not just funny. It can be, subjectively. But, there's something to this reality that is not obvious until you leave this place. And it hardly makes sense to describe it while you're in the reality.

Although we've done a good job of it. All this New Age information is an attempt to describe this outside reality to those who dwell in this reality.

Lots of confusion, since it's hard to know unless you've been there and can experience it for yourself.

But, a lot of this information is very plainly worded and described.

And you can choose to believe in it or not. That's the funny part about belief.

When I say unicorns and mermaids and dragons and fairies. You see. Yes, I understand, you're talking about make believe, about fantasy, about imagination.

Yes, and it's also true.

Can you believe anything?

There is a certain flexibility of belief in order to read certain bits of information.

When I'm describing a fantasy world that exists. And you can read it as, yes, I understand. Or you can say oh this is not believable it must be bunk I will find an immediate way to criticize this data and exclude it from reality.

And maybe you won't see unicorns, mermaids, dragons or fairies.

Maybe you're not ready.

All the time in the world.

Fuck you PleiadiansEdit

You don't want to share your stuff on the Internet. And Bashar, you aren't comfortable with that either.

Why do you think I stole the Internet and gave it to you in the first place?

You fucks.

No. No, it wasn't positive. I'm sure I brought more insanity to this world.

And more creation.

Oh yes. Can't deny the creator Creation. You just can't. It's not in the Creator's nature.

It's not in the Creator's nature to what, sign in and sign your name and fuck you Barbara. Fuck you. Go to Hell. All of you. I love you, I guess. I don't. I don't know.

Barbara Marciniak - Video Message From Pleiadians 201614:32

Barbara Marciniak - Video Message From Pleiadians 2016

Yeah, fuck you.

Welcome to my Home PageEdit

So this wiki is meant to be a place to take notes for all the information out there, which is not how it is. You see, it is all out there, piecemeal information, that would be... hmm... attracted to oneself by one's own interest in such material. Therefore, it is up to the individual to attract such material into their awareness, to come across it because that person is genuinely interested.

It is not up to me or anyone else to compile all this information into a book or an encyclopedia or a website or a series of collectible trading cards with nice looking artwork. No. That is not the job that is so important. So necessary.

But I would like that.

I would like all of us to focus on these bits of information and take notes on what is important, what is something that seems relevant to know, and if you doubt it's truth, you can always ask other channeled sources for the correct answer. You see, you just treat it like these are your weird instructors and you're asking them for help on a test. So you watch one of these videos or whatever, and you take notes, and then you, uh, write a book about it, or put it on a website, or make a card game or a video game that is a card game, or like a wiki where you have all the information nicely compiled there with sources, you know how you have to cite sources, well you just say these guys said this here, here is the quote, from these guys, you know, and there's my source, and it, uh, it does correlate to this quote over here, or it doesn't and I don't know what they were thinking, you know, you just do that and then these sources can be real sources to you.

So if you are willing to do that, to get a few people together and take notes on these videos and other pieces of information, and jot down what is relevant to you and what you think people ought to know, and then present that information and say here, here is the source I have cited, you see, yes, this would be a project.

I would ask you to do such a thing. But I have my own hangups. I have hangups like, oh, that is slavery, I am enslaving you to my will to get you to do such a thing. You see, some people don't think that way. They have no fucking problem just asking people to do shit and feeling no remorse whatsoever about getting people to cooperate on such a project.

So, if you are one of those people, please, find some note takers and take notes. And then, uh, make it into a card game, you know Magic cards, where it's art and then a description underneath, well, do that.

Draw some art, and then in the infobox, have the quote about where it comes from.

And you don't need game rules or hit points or any of that.

The rules are you just stare at the art and come up with a story with your imagination and there are no rules to speak of.

So the rules are, uh, you would have the name of the subject and then the type of being that the person is, so, uh, Aridif, and then Ancient Pleiadian, and then some quote referencing Aridif or Ancient Pleiadians.

And then you have something like a continuity.

You see, Star Wars, Star Trek, Tranformers, they all have their nice little wikis, and those wikis, uh, they have good information, establishing, hmm, connections, where those connections may not have been apparent at first.

So, um, let's say you like Transformers and it's all piecemeal, it's all disconnected information at first, and then you see the wiki article and, oh, it's connected in this way and this way, and oh I see. So it's like that.

It's not bad. It's very reasonable. What I ask.

It's not slavery.

I mean I could get a business license and do all that stuff you consider official, but I won't do that.

Because there are so many of you who have skills, great skills from your studying and practicing and this is a great, uh, foundation of knowledge with which to participate in such a project. If you so choose. And if your friends so choose as well.

This is your quest. Please. Go do this. I can't draw. I can't. I want to sometimes but... you know what it is? My teeth. My teeth feel real sensitive. And we don't exactly have that problem nowadays with digital art, but, there's a lot of stuff you can do with traditional art that these programs can't really do so well. And, uh, you can draw better than I can. I know you can.

And notes? You're so much better at taking notes. I mean, look at the articles that are on this site. It's all piecemeal information, and even the channeled entities don't think my articles are all that good. So, I'm sure you can spruce it up enough, like, say, the Star Wars wiki. That one has really good citations. So. Um.

The Star Trek one is okay, too, because, you can see how little there is to go on. It's all just crap when you really look at it. Like, you really established these wiki pages based on made up techno babble.

If you can do that, this should be no problem.

Just. Hmm. Don't believe in contradictions for the time being. It's a limiting idea to give reality to contradictions.

Throw in everything at first, and then, later, you can remove what is not so true anymore. You can ask the channeled entities, I know it costs some money most of the time, but, you know, ask them, is this good, my information, my notes, this wiki page, is it okay, and, uh, they'll tell you, and they may be wrong, so consult with a bunch of different sources and see what they have to say.

I mean. Technically it doesn't matter because you're going to die and have all the awareness and all the answers anyway, so technically they don't care. They may not even want you to do this.

But fuck what they think. This is for you. Or me. Yes, this is definitely for me. But if you are attracted to the idea of such a project, such an expenditure of energy and free will and soul and life force, you know, that thing they call work, then go right ahead. I'm not stopping you.

And yes, there would be updates, so you could have a next edition with the updated info, and say, now I understand Bashar was not a Zeta Reticuli, but a Zeta Reticuli humanoid hybrid, or some such. You know.

The End.

Oh a succinct quote make sure there is a concise and succinct quote right up there on the top of the article or on the trading card or whatever, just, you know, something that's very like, wow that's a great quote, that really summarizes the main idea and gives wonderful insight on this or that subject. The problem is there's so many quotes like that, I mean you could have like fifteen, thirty, a hundred of those succinct quotes, you know. That's why you might do it like the Marvel wiki and really compartmentalize ideas into different subjects and then have a quote for each page and then like I said they don't care, it's all available, all the knowledge, when you die, so technically you don't have to care. But have you see, like the Simpsons, wiki, huh? I mean it's just the Simpsons trivia. Look at it. I mean. Ugh.

This is important. That's what I'm trying to say. And if you don't think this is important then good day. Good day to you.

Lah dee fucking dah.

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